Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Martyr's

Bhakti Thapa (1802-1872)
Dashrath Chand (1960-1997)
Bhakti Thapa was the symbol of bravery and courage that was born on 1802 BS. He fought till death against the English army in the historical "Deuthal War". On 1815 BS when he was 70 years, he led Nepalese army team. Though Nepalese team was not equipped with modern weapons like English troop, his courage and bravery is always memorable.
Dasharatbjhh Chand was one of the four Martyrs of 104 years Rana family based ruling who was born on 1960 BS at Baitadi. He was arrested and tortured with blame of making effort to end Rana ruling and establishment of democracy. But he did not confessed on his trust. Thus Ranas shot him dead on 14 Magha 1997 at Shova Bhagabati, Kathmandu.
Gangalal Shrestha (1975-1997 BS)
Dharmabhakta Mathema (1965-1997 BS)
He was born on 1975 BS and when he gave his life for the sake of nation and Democracy against Rana Ruling, he was just of 19 years. Being perceived as a child, Rana rulers proposed to escaper from death by confessing for his doing. But Gangalal did not confessed and became ready to hug death. He also shot dead with Dasharath Chand on same date, it place.
This martyr, son of Aadibhakt Mathema who born in 1965 BS hanged till death by Rana rulers on 12 Magha 1997 at Sifal, Kathmandu.
Sukraraj Shastri (1950-1997 BS)
Ratna Kumar Bantawa (2008-2035 BS)
He was son of a social worker Madhav Raj Shastri. He spent some his time in India and became inspired from the Indian political movement. He came back in Nepal on 1995 BS and engaged in Anti-Rana movement. As a result he hanged till death in Pachali, Kathmandu.
He was born on 2008 BS. He was founder central member of Nepal Communist Party (ML). He was a courageous political fighter who passed on in a battle with police on 2035 Chaitra 27.
Muneswori Yadav (2001-2046 BS)
Biren Rajbansi (2001/2002-2029 BS)
He had taken lead in people's political movement in 2046 BS. In Yedukuha , Dhanusha he injured by police bullet and passed on the way to hospital.
He was born on Jyamirgadhi, Jhapa and has a prestigious image on public locality. He started his political life since 2026 BS. Panchayati rulers shot him dead on 2029 Falgun 21 BS.
Yaga Bahadur Thapa (0000-2035 BS)
Prabhakar Poudel (2021-2036 BS)
Okahldhunga armed movement has its own importance which was conducted to reform the seized democracy in 2017 BS. Martyr Yagya bahadur Thapa was hero of that movement. He was arrested and shot dead by police in 2035 Magh 26 BS.
As a son of Thakurnath Poudel and Dol Kumari Poudel he was born on 2021 B.S. He was just 15 years old when he participated in student's political movement in 2036 BS at Hetauda where he shot dead by police. Students of Hetauda used to celebrate each year as Martyr's day in his memory.
Durga Nanda Jha (1999-2020 BS)
Bhim Dutt Pant (1983-2010 BS)
He was one of the heroes of Janakpur Bomb episode in 2018 BS. He was arrested and jailed at Bhadragol Jail. He hanged till death in jail on 2020 Magh 15BS.
He was a courageous fighter from western part of Nepal who tried to organize a armed force (with army dress). This was basically to protect farmer's rights. During the anti feudalism and anti Delhi treaty movement he was killed by Indian army on 2010 Shrawan 10 BS.

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