Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sites at Hetauda, Makwanpur

Tourist Sites
Although this district has fallen back in attraction tourists, there is many worth place visiting, the most famo20us tourist site is Daman. A vision tower has been constructed there. Many tourists visit here to view the natural scenes of mountain such as Mt. Everest, Kanchanjungha, Markhu and Lhotse. Hetauda Municipality has contributed a lot to promote tourism in the district. It has constructed a Martyrs’ Memorial Park at Hetauda-11 Nawalpur. This park has played vital role to introduce this district with others. Besides there Punya Kshetra, Chisapanigadhi, Mankamana temple, Makwanpurgadhi and Markhu (Indra Sarobar Lake) are also important places from the tourism point of view. The government has recently announced for the construction of tunnel from Hetauda to Kathmandu and Kantirajpath is also under construction. It will also help to promote tourism in the district.

Historical Places
This district has its own historical value. This district has been famous since the Sen Regme. So, there are many historical places in this district. Some of them are Makwanpurgadhi, Shikharkateri (The place where the war between British and Nepalese armies were fought) Chisapanigadhi and Hetauda.

Problem of Districts
There are many problems in this district. Many problems are related with agriculture such as high pressure on agriculture, non profession production, lack of irrigation facility, application of old agriculture techniques lack of agricultural land etc. Another problem is related with education. Higher school is available only in certain part of the district. Moreover when the students complete their diploma level study. They needed to go to another cities for the continuation of their studies. People face transportation problems during rainy seasons. Most of the roads are graveled and during the rainy season. It remains closed. The people are dependent on the government for the solution to these problems.

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