Thursday, May 5, 2011

Friendship Garden : A Enchanting Journey

Nepal is called the heaven of lands. From the 502 mtr. lower level from the sea shore to 8848 mtr. highest peak of the world is a wonderful combination of climates. One can feel the deference of the climatic versatility in a short geographical distance. The countless Himalayas and many rivers originating from the Himalayas has made Nepal a second richest country in hydropower worldwide. From the tourist viewpoint, Nepal has its own global importance. To add more value on this, 1998 AD was celebrated as "Visit Nepal Year". To enhance the domestic tourism and to establish a tourist center in Makwanpur district, a friendship garden was established at Simbhanjyang on 1stjanuary 1998 ( 2054 Poush 17 BS ) under the leadership of District Development Committee Makwanpur. Simbhanjyang is the highest place of the Makwanpur district. For the management of this garden, a committee has been formed under the Chairmanship of District Development Chairman.

This garden is situated on 2529 mtr altitude from the sea level. Traveling from Hetauda on Tribhuwan Highway , crossing the places named Bhainse, Chuniya, Lamidanda, Aghor which takes nearly 2 hours by the small vehicles, we can arrive to this garden. The garden is located approx. 90 mtr. downside from Simbhanjyang. This garden is being developed as a picnic spot for Nepalese people and foreigners as well. Some of the attractive points about this garden are as follows:

  • Many snow capped peaks and Terai landscapes can be seen from this point.
  • This garden will be always snow covered from Poush to Falgun each year when it seems very beautiful and enjoyable to play with snow.
  • This place provides cool physical and mental relaxation when other places are getting hotter in summer season.
  • Various herbal spices of flora and fauna made this place a sensational area of research for Botanists.
  • In mid of the Falgun month, jungle area of this place will be covered by red Lali Gurans, the national flower of Nepal.
  • A memorial stone exists here, which consists all human right sections declared in the UN charter.
  • Garden management committee is considering for providing infrastructure facilities such as electricity, water, picnic shades.

Let us visit once the friendship garden and feel its real magic !!

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