Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kulekhani Hydro Electricity

Indrasarowar (Indra Lake) is a reservoir (cistern) for Kulekhani Hydro Electricity project that produces 92 Megawatt electricity. The reservoir covers the land which was occupied by for about four thousands Ropani cultivated land four hundred fifty houses and fifty corn mills.

The reservoir is 7 km long and 100 meters deep. The name “Indrasarowar” has been given after the name of Her Royal Highness Indra Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah, whose statue has also been kept there. It is in 21-km southeast from the place called “Kunchhal “ in Tribhuwan highway, which links Hetauda, famous industrial town, to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. It is in about one thousand five hundred thirty-meter above the sea level. The minimum water level enough to run two water turbines is 1,480 meter and it takes 30 cm to 50 cm of water in a day to generate electricity.

The lake, where water is collected from the rivers and streams in the northern part of Makwanpur district
Daman, Palung, Tistung, Chitlang and Markhu is very important for tourism point of view.
The main feature of this reservoir is that water can be reserved here when the electricity is not produced. There is no another reservoir of this system in Nepal. The project supplies about one third of electricity of total demand in the country. The contribution of people of 12 village development committee i.e. Daman, Palung, Bajrabarahi, Tistung, Chitlang, Markhu, Kulekhani, Phakhel, Sisneri, Bhimphedi, Nibuwatar and Bhainse, who were displaced by this project is praiseworthy.

A five year plan for the protection of Indrasarowar (Indra Lake) is going to be implemented in near future in cost of Yuro Dollar fifteen million by Bagmati Integration Water Management Project in the financial assistant of European Union.
Indrasarowar is not only the pride of people of Makwanpur district but also the center of attraction of the country. The biggest artificial lake surrounded by high hill by three side and a big man made dam in one side is very suitable for entertainment by boating.

Transportation facilities and small hotels are available there. Especially people gathers there to enjoy boating in summer season. Another attraction is fish farming in the reservoir. Some go there to have nice taste of fish. Indrasarowar has fascinated all with its cool climate and natural beauty. Indrasarowar (Indra Lake) will certainly play important role for Internal Tourism Promotion of Nepal.

Source: Bhanubhakta Acharya, Hetauda

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